Welcome to Pythagoras

Pythagoras is a tracking system which consists of a GPS/GSM/GPRS device, an incoming signal center and a geographical position and information for digital maps management application. You will find the advanced services of Pythagoras, invaluable!


What I need?

  • A Pithagoras (GPS/GSM/GPRS) device
  • A SIM card with GPRS support
  • The Pithagoras Service activation

How it works

A (GPS - GSM - GPRS) device transmite data to Pithagoras Server, which stored and analysed in order of their future use, like their display on a digital map, on a PC or a mobile phone, the genarate of varius reports etc.

Where can apply

Pythagoras Tracking System has a wide range of applications. Indicatory, it can be used for vehicle fleet management and tracking, for children and aged people tracking, as anti-theft system etc... More...

Pithagoras Services

  • Real Time - Live Tracking

          Find where is each of your vehicles any moment. This way, you can use the closest vehicle for supporting in an emergency situation, for you or your clients! Find the optimum routes for your vehicles. Avoid the delays and the unnecessary movements in order to reduce your transportation`s costs and optimize your productivity.
  • Grouping

          Group the vehicles of your choice and track the group routes simultaneously! Find where is each of your groups any time and program your next movement.

  • Reports

          Pithagoras Tracking System offers a full featured report generator for previewing vehicle and GPS device data. Get information about your vehicles, when they stop but also which of them seem to be stand. Watch the device sensors reports and be informed about the status of your vehicles. You`ll be able to monitor their moving speed, distance, but also your drivers attitude (i.e aggressive/lazy driving) due to possible abnormal speed variation.
  • Alerts

          This service hands the power to the user to create and edit all sms notifications from a wide variety of possible options. Use and utilize Pythagora`s notification system (PNS) and be always informed about your fleet status using sensor monitor events. So you’ ll be able to geographically track at any time if a specific vehicle of your fleet is entering or leaving a specific area, if over-speed, or have any problem.
  • History

          Monitor (in real-time) any vehicle route but also use the history function to see past. Vechile routes combined with tracking speed variation seems extremely useful for route optimization but also for educational purposes.


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