Driver Message Board

  The Vehicle Messaging System has a secure two-way text messaging system to ensure fast and dependable communication with your mobile workforce while they are on the road.

Providing a simple interface designed specifically for the job means that you can send unlimited messages for the same cost every month.

If you need to speak to your staff several times a day, then an integrated vehicle tracking and messaging system could save you thousands of pounds.

Send a message to one, some or all the vehicles in the fleet.
  • Your team can send as many messages as you like at a much lower fixed cost than mobile phone calls or texts
  • There's only one fixed cost every month, no matter how many messages you and your team send, so there's no surprises and it's much easier to budget
  • Unlike SMS texting, messages are professionally presented and can be managed and organised in a similar way to a standard email in/outbox
  • Your drivers get 100% accurate address details for each job and can reply quickly using shortcut pre-prepared replies eg. Job accepted, 20 minutes away
  • Automatic confirmation that messages have been received means that jobs don't get lost
  • Includes full driver ID and vehicle safety check prompt

A simple and easy to use messaging system for every industry.


MDT has many great features including:
  • HF call or headset call
  • wireless dialer
  • built-in backlight
  • caller identification
  • location condition display
  • speed display
  • multiple languages and adjustment of time difference
  • It has the capacity to store 99 fixed messages, 20 editing messages and 20 received messages and offers storage for 160 pieces of call records.


MDT is used for taxi group dispatching, logistics fleet dispatching and management, etc.

Technical Specifications

  • Input Voltage: 5V
  • Resolution: 192*64
  • Working Temperature: -30C - +70C
  • UART-TTL level output

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