Vehicle GPS Tracker PH4000s

  PH4000s is a mainstream GPS/GSM/GPRS vehicle tracking device, designed as solution for fleet management, which is a robust fleet tracking device not only allows MDT but also supports external high precision fuel sensor.


  • The vehicle GPS tracker PH4000s has TCP/UDP/SMS communication. It features intelligent power management and four power modes.
  • Real-time tracking including time, distance interval, or intelligent mode is available with the vehicle GPS tracker PH4000s.
  • The vehicle GPS tracker PH4000s features data security: 360 pieces GPRS blind area data report in cache and 43200 pieces of history data in Flash.
  • The vehicle GPS tracker PH4000s can realize the regional set of multilateral regions and the speed limit for 100 roads.
  • The vehicle GPS tracker PH4000s has a GPS antenna open circuit and short circuit detection. It has long distance monitoring or two-way calling.
  • The vehicle GPS tracker PH4000s has terminal self checking, self recovery, self protection and build-in battery.
  • The vehicle GPS tracker PH4000s has many types of alarms: Enter/out fencing, overtime parking, fatigue driving, over speed, SOS, backup battery starting, illegal ignition, emergency brake, neutral sliding, terminal restarting,, abnormal oil level, safety belt unfastening, etc.
  • The vehicle GPS tracker PH4000s has RS232 serial port and can be equipped with MDT.
  • The vehicle GPS tracker PH4000s features a 6-channel digital inputs, and 5-channel digital outputs. One channel analog signal input(0-5v) and one channel pulse signal input (>3.8v,2KHZ).


The vehicle GPS tracker PH4000s is used in logistics fleet tracking, private car tracking and taxi group dispatching and management.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimension : (L χ w χ H) 103 × 71 × 26 mm
  • Weight : 750g (including standard accessories))
  • Working Current : 60-100mA
  • Working Voltage : 10-30V
  • Backup Battery : 8.4V 400mAh NI-MH battery
  • GPS Chip : SIRF Star ΙΙΙ
  • GSM : 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz


  • SMS and GPRS TCP/UDP Communication, Voice call function(option)
  • Real-time tracking (Internal Time and distance calculate)
  • Remote Configuration
  • Intelligent Power Management.(4 Mode)
  • Remote control door open/close, fuel and power cut off.
  • 64 Geo-fencing report
  • Up to 1 month’s history data log storage.
  • 10 times voice communication history record.
  • channel input (include 6 channel logistic input which is user-defined, 1 pulse counter input), 6 channel output(include 4 channel logistic output which is user-defined).
  • Programmable Intelligent AD input.
  • User-defined 3X16 byte saving memory for recording installation information.
  • User-defined upload time for intelligent management of data flow.
  • Anti-explosion function.
  • Mileage statistics
  • Telephone authorization function.
  • Real time monitor the change of input signal.
  • Support backup IP and com port.
  • 8 kinds of track analysis report.
    • Daily journey report
    • Over speed report
    • Running section report
    • Running state timing report
    • Parking section report
    • Fatigue driving report
    • GSM signal monitor report
    • Voice communication report
  • Fourteen kinds of alarm information:
    • Enter Geo-fencing
    • Out Geo-fencing
    • Over time parking
    • Fatigue driving
    • Over speed
    • SOS
    • Backup battery
    • Fuel level
    • Tow
    • Sharking
    • In focus location
    • Out focus location
    • GPRS modem restart
    • Illegal ignition

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