Pithagoras Recommended Devices

The Pythagoras tracking system is not limited to the devices of one manufacturing company but can work with a wide range of devices. In fact it can work with any device on the market that supports technologies such as GPRS and SMS. However choosing the right device for the right job is very important and can increase the quality and quantity of the provided services.
The devices that we recommend are leaders in their category and have been tested in quite difficult conditions with very good results. The value for money is the best on the market and the guarantee we give is 2 years (extendable) even when the manufacturer gives 1 year. Also there are plenty of peripherals to meet any need.
  • Vehicle GPS Tracker PH4000s

      PH4000s is a mainstream GPS/GSM/GPRS vehicle tracking device, designed as solution for fleet management, which is a robust fleet tracking device not only allows MDT but also supports external high precision fuel sensor.


  • Vehicle GPS Tracker PH6000s

      PH6000s is an advanced GPS/GSM/GPRS vehicle tracking device, which can fully satisfy the complicated needs of mobile asset management, it can support 3 different sensors at the same time, which enable the unit to suit customers advanced application requirements.


  • Waterproof Vehicle/Motor GPS Tracker PH600C

      PH600C is a waterproof GPS/GSM/GPRS Car/Motor GPS Tracker device that could be used for tracking/monitoring motorcycles, vehicles and other mobile assets.


  • Waterproof Portable GPS Tracker PH600

      PH600 waterproof portable tracker and security device is a GPS/GSM/GPRS tracking device with solar power supply, the portable GPS tracker PH600 supports two-way voice call and the standby time of the portable tracker reaches over two months.


  • Proximity Reader - RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

      The radio frequency identification (RFID) reader device features high stability and sensitivity. It is used for driver identity identification and prevent illegal starting the vehicle.


  • Numeric Keypad

      The numeric keypad is water-proof & dust-proof and is used for driver identity identification.
    It has a multiple ranks program and the functions of code security management. The numeric keypad features a long service life and a high safeguard level.

  • Driver Message Board

      The Vehicle Messaging System has a secure two-way text messaging system to ensure fast and dependable communication with your mobile workforce while they are on the road.


  • Camera

      The camera is dust-proof and waterproof.
    The camera features a small and elegant appearance.


  • Fuel Level Sensor

      The fuel sensor is mainly used for oil level detection but it can used also for monitoring the fuel level of gasoline, diesel, hydraulic oil and other liquid. It has the advantages of high precision, easy and simple installation. The length of the current output fuel sensor can be adjusted according to the height of the fuel tank.

  • Temperature Sensor

      The temperature sensor offers two channel figure and temperature probes, which has been widely used for temperature collection, with temperature curve, and temperature change alarm. Suitable for all refrigerated vehicles, trailers, containers. The thermal sensor has a metal shell and it features UART-TTL level output.

  • Tire Pressure Sensor

      The tire pressure sensors are used to detect and monitor real-time pressure and temperature of the tires of a car, truck, trailer, etc.
    It has several alarms such as high pressure alarm, low pressure alarm, alarm and rapid air leakage High temperature alarm.



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