Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is GPS?

    GPS stands for the Global Positioning System. It refers to a system of satellites and receivers that allow people and devices to pinpoint their precise location on the earth. The heart of the system relies on 24 satellites that orbit the earth twice per day. Devices that are equipped with GPS equipment receive transmissions from at least a few of the satellites and are able to discern very precise positioning data. As the technology has improved, the cost of GPS devices has plummeted while the accuracy has increased. Small portable GPS receivers have become very affordable, and the accuracy is amazing. Accuracy varies based on various factors, but it can be as good as a few meters! The application of the GPS is very broad, and as the prices come down the number of uses is increasing.
  • Is GPS available everywhere?

    Yes! GPS is available all over the world. The only cases that the signal may be bounded or absent, are when the vehicle is moving near big buildings or inside tunnels etc. Pithagoras Tracking Device, contains internal memory module, and can record the vehicle route. The recording data will be send to Pithagoras Server when signal is available.
  • What is GPRS?

    The General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) network is an "always on", private network for data. It uses the existing GSM network to transmit and receive TCP/IP based data to and from GPRS mobile devices. Private IP addresses are typically dynamically assigned within the network to mobile devices. Pithagoras Tracking System uses the GPRS technology for transmitting vehicle’s data to the system database.
  • Is GPRS available everywhere?

    GPRS is not available everywhere, but it covers the majority of areas all over the world. In any place that you can use your GSM mobile phone, you can also use GPRS services.
  • What is Pithagoras?

    Pithagoras is a complete GPS tracking solution , which combines technologies such as GPS/GSM/GPRS and the world wide web, for providing informations about the position, the speed, and the state of moving objects (vehicles, people, pets etc).
  • How easy is to start using Pithagoras?

    Using Pithagoras is more than just a simple procedure. All you need is the GPS device, the mobile SIM card and an internet connection.
  • Is my computer suitable for using the Pithagoras System?

    Any personal computer that can be connected to the internet , is capable for the use of Pithagoras. There are no extra specifications needed.
  • Is my internet connection’s bandwidth large enough for using Pithagoras?

    The suggested bandwidth is at least 512kbps, in order to have satisfactory data flow.
  • I do not own a company. Can I easily use Pithagoras services?

    Pithagoras did not designed only for big companies and fleet management. Any citizen can use Pithagoras Services. You can use it as an antitheft system, or for tracing your teenage children, even for tracing your favorite pet!
  • What’s the maximum number of vehicles that Pithagoras System can manage?

    There is no limit in the number of vehicles that you can track with Pithagoras System. The only prerequisite for each vehicle is to carry its own GPS device.
  • Can I watch my vehicle’s route history?

    Yes, Pithagoras’ database can hold a large amount of data for your vehicles, so you can preview everything in generated reports or in history playback.
  • Why should I choose Pithagoras?

    Pithagoras is a complete GPS tracking solution. There is no need for any extra software installation. All the informations you need about your vehicles, are provided to you, so you can easily manage your fleet. Pithagoras’ services are included in the offer that you’ ll choose.
    NO extra costs! Pithagoras will be there for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!


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