Pithagoras has a wide range of applications. The best example is Fleet Management.
    Some more examples following:

  • Trasporting and delivery vehicles, vehicles for providing customer service and support, ambulances, seller’s vehicles, mass transporting vehicles (student buses, trip buses etc)
  • In all the above cases, you have the ability to program and control your fleet in order to maximize your customers’ demands. You also have the advantage to know driver mistakes, so you can improve their driving behavior.
  • Not only companies, but also individuals can use the Pithagoras Tracking System, as a fine anti-theft tool! Protect any object that is moving (cars, motorcycles, sailing boats, or priceless objects). The system will inform you just in time for the precise potition, and you can plan your next move based on your country laws.
  • Protect your favorite pets. The GPS device can easily be set on the body of animals and constitute a smart tracking system in case of theft or lost.
  • Finally , the services of the Pithagoras system, will look invaluable to everyone who wants to know at any time the position of their teenage children or their elderly relatives and generally people who need special protection. Pithagoras Tracking System is a modern prevention system for all these sectors.
Remember: Prevention is the best cure!

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