Pithagoras Tracking System

Pithagoras is a tracking system which includes a GPS/GSM/GPRS device, a signal receiving center and an application for managing, editing, saving and previewing geographical data on digital maps. Its avant garde services will be priceless for you. Let’s see some of the properties that distinguish Pithagoras from its competitors.

  • Pithagoras ® uses the last word in technology for providing Complete Fleet Management services, and the ability to ajust on the customer demands.
  • Pithagoras ® is a real web-based application. This means that anybody can use its services from anywhere in the world. The only prerequisite is an internet connection!
  • Pithagoras ® , including its independent database, constitutes an ideal solution for the largest fleets, and also for the individual whose demands are limited in the anti-theft protection and vehicle/boat tracking control, or the tracking of young children/elder people and pets.
  • Pithagoras ® is a an application which depends on security, and the user can always preview precise informations in real time.
  • Pithagoras is not limited by the borderline of a country, but it can be used all over the world with just a sim card with the ability to connect to the internet.
  • You must sing up and get a username and a password to be able to use the Pithagoras application. Each user has his own credentials and security privileges. This way the system administrator can handle and restrict user access in the application.
  • Pithagoras system has the ability to control a multi-user interface, without interfere one user with an other. This way, each user can work on any form of the application without issues. For example, an administrator, can watch the "vehicle stopping" report, and an other user at the same time can check the driving behavior of a driver.

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